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The Featherzhouse Children's Bible Study Series


A complete overview of the Bible with 27 Old Testament lessons, one transitional lesson, and 25 New Testaments lessons.


Each lesson is presented with beautifully colored video, animation and audio-enhanced- features including voices,  narration and effects.



A unique Video puppet show accompanies each lesson. The puppet show features our puppet friends Featherz, KuuKuu, and/or Munchken and is written specifically for each lesson to teach the children  the corresponding memory verse.



The teacher/parent notes (words to the story-time lesson), optional” object lesson, and review questions are included in PDF format for Windows and Mac Versions   and can all be printed for the teacher/parent convenience.





Especially designed for Ages 4-10

Proven successfully in the field for over 5 years.

Created by Teachers.




Our Objective

      To glorify the Lord Jesus Christ and obey His command to...

 “make disciples of all the nations…. teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you”  (Matthew 28: 26) 



Our Desire

   To accomplish this by providing His body with a Christ exalting,  Gospel-centered  Children’s  curriculum.




Our Concept -

All of our story-time lessons are taken directly from the Bible. The stories are re-worded with age-appropriate vocabulary so that the text is easily understood by the children.   Much care is taken in keeping the text pure. We strive to ahere strickly to God's Word free from any denominational bias or interpretation.


My best memories of teaching the Bible to my son were during the quiet times we sat at night. While I read him stories, he looked on at the pictures in his child’s Bible. Now grown and married, he still recalls the impact those special moments had for him. Such moments lasted though time.

The message we present to little ones ages 4-10, we also want to last a lifetime; more than that - an eternity. We have taken this special one-on-one teaching experience and incorporated it into the Featherzhouse concept.   This concept makes Featherzhouse different from any other teaching program.
Our pre-recorded lessons bring that unique storytelling to life for the child. We avoid high-tech animation which the child sees 24/7 on any cartoon channel. Instead, we opt for a more traditional telling of Bible stories using beautiful art and captivating effects. We take the Bible pictures and simply bring them alive. We use animation to enhance our characters voices and, we bring the story to life in a manner the child does not see everyday. Thus we hold their attention. As if we were personally reading the Bible to them, and they were sitting next to us looking at the pictures.
Our belief in educating children ages 4-10 is that lessons presented should not only be fun but designed to promote spiritual growth. This is why we don’t settle to merely entertain or babysit the child. Instead, we provide an environment which teaches Biblical fundamentals and contemporary life applications in a format designed specifically for the needs of this age group.  We don’t use “test-tube” formulas but methods that have been proven in the field for over 5 years. As a result, we have developed a Bible system that not only touches the mind but the heart of the child at his/her own level.  
We do this by utilizing educational segments of no more that 2-4 minutes each, combined together to form a lesson module of no more than 12-15 minutes. We have found in 17 years of teaching that this formula best holds the attention span of the child in this age group.
By building our lessons on this pattern, we can combine different modules to hold a child’s attention in a teaching environment for as long as one and a half to two hours effectively.
In addition, one of the most useful methods in teaching is the capture and review method we use in Featherzhouse.
To do this, we present a pre-recorded video or audio segment to capture the child’s attention. Then we follow immediately with a “live” review of the segment by a parent or teacher. This capture and review is continued throughout the lesson segments with neither section lasting more that 2-4 minutes.
Our Featherzhouse puppet show is designed to make Bible verse memorization fun. Our three crazy bird friends Featherz, KuuKuu and Munchken lighten up the educational aspect of the lesson giving comic relief before concluding with a review section of the main story presented earlier. The puppet portion appeals best to ages 4-7 in a “live” presentation, while the pre-recorded puppet show usually appeals to all in the age group. Finally, sprinkle in fun songs featuring the antics of Featherz, KuuKuu and Munchken and your story time is complete.
Our individual downloadable Bible lessons are designed for any tablet, smartphone or computer make these fun learning lessons available anywhere. 
Our stand-alone DVD Library lessons and downloaded lessons are built along the same formula as out classroom design but without the need for a parent/teacher interaction.
No matter which Featherzhouse best suits your needs, you can be assured it will captivate this age group and bring them to a fuller understanding of God’s Word.  And in years to come, perhaps they will recall the wonderful memories of Featherzhouse, the exciting Bible stories, and the special moments they had exploring God’s direction for them.




Our Current and Recent History 




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We as teachers for over 17 years have designed an INTER-DENOMINATIONAL- children's learning system that works.